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About Country Education Profiles Online

Country Education Profiles (CEP) Online is an easy-to-use online recognition tool for assessing overseas educational qualifications. It is used by:

  • universities and other education providers
  • professional bodies
  • employers
  • international organisations and governments.
  • CEP Online can assist you to determine the educational level of an overseas qualification to inform your decisions for admissions to study or employment. You cannot use CEP Online to assess your own overseas qualification. See Assessment of overseas qualifications for information about organisations that assess overseas qualifications.

    CEP Online provides:

  • assessment guidelines for qualifications from over 119 countries with a focus on higher education and post-secondary technical and vocational education qualifications
  • lists of recognised institutions
  • education system diagram and descriptions for higher education, technical and vocational education and school education sectors
  • key information on grading systems, language of instruction, academic year, admission requirements, programs, types of institutions, accreditation and quality assurance
  • key educational quality indicators
  • guidance on understanding qualification documents
  • regularly updated information
  • user-friendly navigation to help you get the information you need fast.

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